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번호 제목 presenter date Key Words
55 Reserach progress report about CPPS 강선가  2017-03-16  Smart Factory, CPPS, KPI, Abnormal Data 
54 Developing product quality management process based on image data using 3D camera 박주형  2017.03.09  3D camera, product quality, 3D image 
53 SMARTER ERP SYSTEMS IN BIG DATA, AI, and IoT ERA file Abdallah Dweekat  2016-11-23  forecasting, smart ERP, IoT, Neural network 
52 The Application of Augmented Reality for On-Site Safety Education Training in Manufacturing Environment file 문필준  2017-03-09  Augmented Reality, On-site Training System, 3d object, Vuforia 
51 업데이트예정 박주형  2017.03.09  세미나 
50 Product Platform & Modularization file 배준규  2017.02.22  세미나 
49 Simulation based Resource Allocation & Job Sequencing Analysis in a Flexible/Hybrid Flow Shop Environment considering Batch Production perspective file SAHA SUDIPTA  2017.02.01  Simulation, Resource Allocation, Capacity Requirement 
48 Interactive Placement for Container Loading Problem using Depth Camera file 니난  2017-01-12  augmented reality, depth camera, container loading problem, bin packing 
47 업데이트 예정 황찬호  2017-01-05   
46 업데이트 예정 최상윤  2016-12-29   
45 업데이트 예정 압달라  2016-11-23   
44 박사 초심 관련 준비 발표 황규선  2016-11-16  MES, IoT, performance measurement, ISA-95, Data mining 
43 A study on KPI of the production line for efficient building of Cyber-Physical Production 강선가  2016-11-02  Smart factory, Cyber-Physical Production system, Key Performance Indicator, ICT 
42 The Application of Augmented Reality for On-Site Safety Education Training in Manufacturing Environment file 문필준  2016-10-05  Augmented Reality, 2D Marker, Artoolkit, 대한산업공학회 
41 업데이트 예정 박주형  2016-09-21   
40 업데이트 예정 배준규  2016-09-07   
39 IoT Solution for Emergency Evacuation Route file 니난  2016-08-26  IoT, Beacon 
37 업데이트 예정 황찬호  2016-08-19  업데이트 예정 
36 업데이트 예정 최상윤  2016-08-19   
35 업데이트 예정 압달라  2016-07-29   
34 A Study on the Distributed Vehicle Routing Problem of emergency vehicle fleet in the Disaster Scene file 한수민  2016-07-15  Emergency Logistics 
33 A Study on the Application of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing file 문필준  2016-06-24  Augmented Reality, Sk Treal 
32 On going research report 황규선  2016-06-17  BPM; smart factory; Internet of things 
31 업데이트중 김경민  2016-06-03   
30 Introduction Myself_Kang SunGa file 강선가  2016-02-12  Introduction myself 
29 Cyber Physical Production System and Digital Manufacturing file 강선가  2016-05-27  CPPS, DM 
28 Smart Factory and Related Technology file 박주형  2016-05-13   
27 How to system cost modeling file 배준규  2016-05-06  system cost modeling 
26 Indoor positioning iBeacon file 니난  2016-05-04  Bluetooth, iBeacon, IoT 
25 Hybrid Stocahstic Flow Shop Scheduling [1] 사하 수딥타  2016-04-08  Multi-Model, Multi-Stage, Multi-Machine Job Sequence/Scheduling Problem 
24 업데이트중 황찬호  2016-04-08   
23 업데이트중 이정철  2016-03-25   
22 배준규 자기소개서 file 배준규  2016-03-11  자기소개 
21 업데이트중 김경민  2016-03-11   
20 Supply Chain Performance Measurement Approach Using IOT file Abdallah Dweekat  2016-02-26  SCPMS using IoT 
19 Trends of solar photovoltaics file Choe Sangyun  2016-02-12   
18 Emergency Response System file 한수민  2016-01-29  Emergency response, Emergency logistics 
17 The Internet-of-Things and Sensor Integration for Product Lifecycle Management and Supply Chain Management file 김영우  2016-01-22  Closed-loop Supply Chain Management, Internet-of-Things, Product Lifecycle Management, RFID Sensor Integration 
16 업데이트 중 황규선  2016-01-08