Research Area

Our Main Research topics are as follows:
  •  Measurement of Productivity and Performance of Organization and People Related to Information Technology
  •  Design, Simulation, and Optimization of Next Generation Manufacturing System(NGMS) including Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
  •  Modeling and Analysis of Next Generation ERP/SCM and Substitutability of Manufacturing Industries  


    CIM Architecture from ASRI, SNU.

    The systems that we are focusing at  are Global level production planning & management systems(MPS,MRP,MRPII,JIT,OPT,etc.), BOM, capacity planning and control, inventory control, costing, finance management, etc. Some key CAD subsystems are computer graphics, graphic standards, IGES, design analysis tools, etc. Som key CAM subsystems are production and process planning, NC/CNC part programming, robot programming, CMM, vision and other machine programming tasks, Adaptive control, etc. System design and analysis methods are included simulation, modeling tool(IDEF series),computer network, Database management, expert system, etc.

    The arrows mean the integration of subsystems. And another meaning is the process of system. CAD,CAM and FMS arrows means the process from the design or engineering changes of product to market. BIS,CAM and FMS arrow means the process from production strategy or sales order to delivery.
    But CIMS cannot be constructed by only one system. And cannot by only subsystems in the below figure. Because CIMS needs fully Integration of subsystems and people involved. The focus of our lab. is integration of subsystems for people

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