Lab Seminar
List of Articles
번호 제목 presenter date Key Words
15 Research on Depth Data Application using Kinect Sensor v2 file 니난  2015-12-18  kinect, computer vision 
14 Multiple Subjects [1] 사하  2015-11-20  RFID 
13 Airport Scheduling 황찬호  2015-11-13  Scheduling, Hologram 
12 Asia Simulation 준비 김현준  2015-10-30  Yard Layout Planning 
11 Smart Factory 이정철  2015-10-16  Evaluation Model 
10 태양광 보급 확산을 통한 전력 자립률 제고에 관한 연구 file 최상윤  2015-10-02  태양광 발전, 발전 최적화 
9 Dynamic Supply Chain Performance Measurement Methodology Using IoT file Abdallah Dweekat  2015-09-18  Performance Metrects, IoT, Extended Supply Chain 
8 A study on the emergency logistics considering makeshift recovery planning file 한수민  2015-09-11  Disaster response, Makeshift recovery 
7 SAHA SUDIPTA file SAHA SUDIPTA  2015.09.04  Self-Introduction 
6 자기소개: 니난 file 니난  2015.09.04  자기소개, 니난 
5 RFID-based Lifecycle Information System for Closed-loop Supply Chain Management file 김영우  2015-09-04  Product Lifecycle Management 
4 Total productive maintenance file 김현준  2015-08-20  Webpage renewal, TPM 
3 RFID-based real-time production scheduling file 김경민  2015-08-13  RFID, production scheduling, shop-floor 
2 ICPR 학회 자료 발표 황규선  2015-07-29  IoT, BPM, Performance measurement 
1 황찬호 자기소개서 file 황찬호  2015-07-29  자기소개