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143 ~2010 Using RFID in control systems for industrial applications file 이동명 
142 ~2010 An optimization model for the design of a capacitated multi-product reverse logistics network with uncertainty file 박정호 
141 ~2010 Achieving Supply Chain Agility file 김영우 
140 ~2010 Product Lifecycle Management and Information Tracking using Smart Embedded Systems file 윤소연 
139 ~2010 A sample management system for fashion product development file 문준영 
138 ~2010 A mixed integer programming model for APS file 문치호 
137 ~2010 Product platform in automotive industry file 나홍범 
136 ~2010 긴급수송과 외부 용차를 고려한 허브-스포크 네트워크의 설계 file 서진우 
135 ~2010 Forward-backward Analysis of RFID-enabled Supply Chain file 이동명 
134 ~2010 Dynamic Scheduling in Flexible Assembly System file 문치호 
133 ~2010 A framework of e-SCM multi-agent system file 문준영 
132 ~2010 A Study on the Economic Feasibility of Automated Identification Technology on the ELV Management Process file 남기헌 
131 ~2010 A Study on the Working Effect of UAV Hitting Mine Artillery(not open) 정영호 
130 ~2010 Issues on product platform architecture development file 나홍범 
129 ~2010 컴퓨터 화면이 지식노동자 생산성에 미치는 영향과 그 대안 - 하이라이트(비공개) 서진우 
128 ~2010 A Study on Integrated Risk Management Framework in SCM 김강현 
127 ~2010 학회발표준비(비공개) 이영균 
126 ~2010 An Economic Analysis on RFID Impact in Supply Chain file 박목민 
125 ~2010 Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) 김강현 
124 ~2010 Supply Chain Traceability through Collaborative e-Business file 이동명