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126 ~2010 Value of Information and Urgent Order file 박목민 
125 ~2010 RFID in Manufacturing file 박목민 
124 ~2010 Flexibility in Supply Chain file 박목민 
123 ~2010 Real-time Order Processing and Production Control in Responsive Manufacturing System file 박목민 
122 ~2010 An Economic Analysis on RFID Impact in Supply Chain file 박목민 
121 ~2010 A Framework for Enhancing Responsiveness in Order Processing (논문준비) file 박목민 
120 ~2010 A Framework for Enhancing Responsiveness in Sales Order Processing System Using Web Services and Ubiquitous Computing Technologies (APMS) file 박목민 
119 ~2010 Business Integration Framework for Due-date Re-negotiation in Responsive Sales Order Processing System (논문준비) file 박목민 
118 ~2010 제조 기업의 판매주문관리에서의 대응성 향상 방안 박목민 
117 2017 ICPR 2017 OUTSTANDING PAPER AWARD 수상 file 문필준 
116 ~2010 Sales and Operation Planning with an APS file 문치호 
115 ~2010 Dynamic Scheduling in Flexible Assembly System file 문치호 
114 ~2010 A mixed integer programming model for APS file 문치호 
113 ~2010 Flow shop scheduling problem with limited machine availability file 문치호 
112 ~2010 경영과학회/산업공학회 공동학회 발표준비 문치호 
111 ~2010 Multiple-objective scheduling and real-time dispatching file 문치호 
110 ~2010 Vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands file 문치호 
109 ~2010 Dispatching rules for job shop scheduling with due date-based objectives file 문치호 
108 ~2010 An integrated dispatching rule for wafer fabrication file 문치호 
107 ~2010 A framework of e-SCM multi-agent system file 문준영 
106 ~2010 A sample management system for fashion product development file 문준영 
105 ~2010 Introduction to an active product state tracking architecture file 문준영 
104 ~2010 RFID-based Reverse Logistics System and Determination of Collection Points file 문준영 
103 ~2010 vehicle routing in reverse logistics file 문준영 
102 ~2010 A genetic algorithm based approach for the periodic vehicle routing problem file 문준영 
101 ~2010 Life-cycle management 1(development) file 노현일 
100 ~2010 Product structure management file 노현일 
99 ~2010 Activity Centric Context Awareness file 남기헌 
98 ~2010 Impact of RFID on Supply Chain file 남기헌 
97 ~2010 Information Inaccuracy in Supply Chain file 남기헌 
96 ~2010 The Value of RFID Technology in Supply Chain file 남기헌 
95 ~2010 Cost-Benefit Analysis of RFID Implementation file 남기헌 
94 ~2010 공급 사슬 측면에서 RFID 기술 도입에 따른 정량적인 효과 분석 남기헌 
93 ~2010 RFID-based product information in end-of-life file 남기헌 
92 ~2010 Ubiquitous Technology & End-of-life Management file 남기헌 
91 ~2010 A Study on the Economic Feasibility of Automated Identification Technology on the ELV Management Process file 남기헌 
90 ~2010 A New Approach for Finite Capacity Planning in MRP Environment file 나홍범 
89 ~2010 A New Approach for Finite Capacity Planning in MRP Environment 2 file 나홍범 
88 ~2010 APMS Conference - A New Approach for Finite Capacity Planning in MRP Environment file 나홍범 
87 ~2010 Integrated data structure of Bill of Material and Routing file 나홍범