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46 2011 Centralized Fleet Management System for Automated Transportation System file 김영우 
45 2012 Decision Support System for Multi-loop Recovery Using Recycle Bill file 김영우 
44 2012 Designing data system for remanufacturing with radio frequency identification technology file 김영우 
43 2012 Developing a Production Planning Model for Closed-loop Manufacturing System file 김영우 
42 2014 Application of UHF Class 1 Gen 2 Tags to the RFID-based Reverse Logistics System file 김영우 
41 2015 A Framework for the RFID-based Vehicle Lifecycle Information Data System towards the Internet-of-Things file 김영우 
40 ~2010 Structuring Method for Ambient Intelligence file 김성훈 
39 ~2010 Resource-constrained multi-project scheduling file 김성훈 
38 ~2010 Resource reallocation techniques considering probability of compliance in multi-project management file 김성훈 
37 2011 Project selection and scheduling with completion time dependent returns file 김성훈 
36 2011 My research direction in project scheduling file 김성훈 
35 2011 Resource leveling problem file 김성훈 
34 2011 The algorithm for resource leveling file 김성훈 
33 2012 Modeling and Optimization of Cost-effective Charging Scheduling for the Battery Switch Stations of Electric Vehicles file 김동현 
32 2012 optimal real-time pricing algorighm based on utility maximization for smart grid file 김동현 
31 2012 Smart grid : vehicle-to-grid file 김동현 
30 2012 Integration of renewable energy file 김동현 
29 2012 Scheduling in a semiconductor packagine line + transformer process 김동현 
28 2013 Column generation overview, crew scheduling file 김동현 
27 2013 분산전원을 고려한 배터리교환소 최적 운영 모델 file 김동현 
26 2013 Modeling Electric Vehicle Benefits Connected to Smart Grids file 김동현 
25 2013 졸업 논문 발표 김동현 
24 2014 A Framework for Implementation of Additive Manufaturing file 김경민 
23 2015 RFID기반의 제조 일정 계획 및 시행보고 시스템에 대한 연구 김경민 
22 ~2010 Product Lifecycle Management (focus on collaborative integrating system) file 김강현 
21 ~2010 Job scheduling for Grid computing file 김강현 
20 ~2010 Bullwhip Effect : Forward and Reverse file 김강현 
19 ~2010 차세대 ERP/SCM Project Study file 김강현 
18 ~2010 TFT-LCD Industry & APS file 김강현 
17 ~2010 Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) 김강현 
16 ~2010 A Study on Integrated Risk Management Framework in SCM 김강현 
15 ~2010 RFID in Manufacturing file 공재현 
14 ~2010 Manufacturing Execution System(MES)과 RFID file 공재현 
13 ~2010 Modular Product와 RFID 적용 아이디어 file 공재현 
12 ~2010 Manufacturing에서의 postponement와 modular product scheduling file 공재현 
11 ~2010 Event-Driven Service Coordination for Business Process Integration in Ubiquitous Enterprises (논문 아이디어) file 공재현 
10 ~2010 RFID Events and Business Process Integration (논문 아이디어) file 공재현 
9 ~2010 Business Process Change in Ubiquitous Environments file 공재현 
8 ~2010 Dynamic Business Process Change (논문 아이디어) file 공재현 
7 ~2010 ISA-95를 중심으로 한 MES 개발 file 공재현