author Hanil Jeong 
2nd author /Jinwoo Park (Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University)
/ Robert C. Leachman (Dept. of IEOR, University of California at Berkeley) 
info International Journal of Production Research (SCI, 0.774), Vol. 37, No. 15, pp.3583-3589, 1999 
year 1999 
c IJ 
저널/학회 IJPR 
group SCI 
keyword Batch Splitting, Job Shop, Scheduling, MRP 
abstract The job shop scheduling problem has been a major target for many researchers. Unfortunately though, most of the previous researches were based on assumptions that are different from the real manufacturing environment. Among those distorted assumptions, two assumptions about setup time and job composition can highly influence the performance of schedule. Firstly, most of the past studies ignored the impact of the before-arrival setup time. If we know the sequence of operations in advance, we can obtain an improved schedule by preparing the setup before job arrives. Secondly, most of the past studies assumed that a job consists of only a single part, that is a batch of size one. However, if we assume that a job consists of a batch size greater than one as in many real manufacturing environment, then we can obtain an improved schedule because we can fill up the idle times of machines with jobs which have smaller processing times by splitting the original batches. However, then, the number of job orders may increase due to the split and the size of the scheduling problem would become too large to be solved in practical time limit. And so, there may be an optimum batch size considering trade-off between better solution and tractability. Current study is the result of an attempt to find an acceptable solution when the production requirement from MRP system for a planning period exceeds the capacity of a production system. We try to get an improved schedule by splitting the original batch into smaller batches considering setting up a machine before the actual arrival of jobs to the machine and thereby meet the due date requirement without resorting to rescheduling of the master production schedule. For the given batch, we disaggregate it according to the algorithm we are proposing. And then, a so-called "modified shifting bottleneck procedure" is applied to solve the job shop scheduling problem with before-arrival family setup time considering release date, transportation time and due date. The study also shows that we can adapt to unexpected dynamic events more elegantly by allowing the splitting of batches. 
번호 c 저널/학회 group 제목 author year
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